Have you considered doing an interesting pattern layout with your flagstones?  Maybe for an outside area under the trees?  Or how about an open patio for tables and chairs?  Here are some interesting pattern ideas to get your creative juices flowing, using standard square patterns.

Standard Single Colour

Using a single colour can either be in straight lines, or staggered or diamond shaped:

Single Colour – Straight Lines Single Colour – Staggered Lines Single Colour – Diamond Layout


Alternating Colours

Should you want to play with colour designs, here are a few we suggestions:

The Chessboard Diagonal Lines Diagonal – Corner Design

Playing with Patterns

Inserting patterns with alternating colours can create a striking effect.  Here are some simple examples:

The Inside Rectangle/Square Framing the Area Centre Highlight

Hope this gets you thinking about some great ideas for your own paving design.  We would love to see what you create.  Send us some images!