Life is stressful, between juggling work and family commitments and everything else that pops up in our daily lives.  You deserve a space you can retreat into, that will be both relaxing and fit for weekends with family and friends.  Creating a garden space that is peaceful and beautiful is as simple as a DIY Saturday (or two), depending on the level of difficulty you choose.  Just imagine how clever your peers will think you are when you invite them to your next braai and your garden looks like a mini-paradise?   We have some great ideas for you, let your imagination go and get that garden you deserve!


The Garden Patio

Here are some great ideas for creating an outside patio space:

The classic, straight lines patio.  Perfect for those who have a little extra garden space under a tree. Create a grassy area that is great for day or evening functions. Use diagonal lines to extend an existing patio space into your garden.  Less grass to mow and lots more space for visitors. Would work well with a firepit too.


Consider removing the grass from your lawn if you are after a low maintenance garden space.  Compensate by adding lots of greenery in flower beds and pots. Create a more casual space for relaxation by replacing smaller areas of the grass, and add a pathway or two to create a magical space at the end of your garden.  Works well in a lush space.


We love this idea!  Lots of seating options, a firepit and a braai and some extra pavers leading into the garden space to create an eye-catching finish. This garden space has been extended from a flower bed to create a finish that is both pleasing on the eye and functional. The lines create a bigger patio space.



Create a walkway in your garden, whether to a doorway or just to meander through the garden:

Place 3 flagstones next to each other to create this ‘step-effect’.  Breaks a large area of grass and creates a natural pathway. The entrance to this home has been laid out with flagstones in an interesting shape to create a unique effect.  We love the idea of small stones around the pavers, but grass would work well too.


In the Garden

Create interesting effects in the garden to draw our eye to certain spaces:

A patio space that can double as a walkway or just a general entrance space. An eco-friendly space next to your home, great for areas that are prone to drought or water restrictions. Great for a cactus garden or other plants that need little water to thrive.

Put on your creative thinking caps and get designing on your own special space.

Good luck!